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“Is a piece of wood that rests on a simple structure enough to produce a piece of furniture?”. This is the question Christophe Pillet asked himself when he designed the Any Day console. For the designer, the answer is yes, if “in this sophisticated understatement we find attention to detail, balanced proportions, celebrated elegance of the silhouette and masterful execution, characteristics that define the unique quality of that object”.

The Any Day console combines pure lines and minimalist design, expressed through a great number of finishes that emphasize its outstanding versatility.

The sleek metal structure supports a Canaletto walnut veneered element, complete with practical drawers, that comes in an array of finishes. The top can be made of wood or in various types of marble.

The concept of the Any Day console also extends to a family of coffee and side tables, available in a number of sizes and finishes; and also, an ottoman whose distinctive seat is made of woven paper cord or paper rush cord, natural materials that trace their origin to traditional methods.

About Designer
Christophe Pillet

Born in Montargis, France in 1959, Christophe Pillet lives and works in Paris. After graduating from the elite French National School of Fine Arts of Nice in 1985, he completed his studies at the Domus Academy in Milan, where he worked with Michele De Lucchi, Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Martine Bedin. He returned to Paris where he practiced alongside Philippe Starck for several years before opening his own studio. Named ‘Designer of the Year’ at the Paris furniture show in 1994, he has received many international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the Wallpaper Design Award and the Prix d’Excellence. According to Pillet, lucidity of expression and the search for simplicity are the guiding principles in his work. His complete mastery of design and innate sense of elegance have ensured his place among the most acclaimed French designers in the world, thanks to many projects that range from product design to hotels and boutiques, all bearing his unmistakable hallmark style. His work for prominent fashion and design brands is imbued with his recognizable flair, a visionary fusion of functionality and sensuality. In 2020 he designed the Echoes, First Steps and Any Day products for Flexform.