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El Greco Gallery

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Carlo Scarpa designed Sarpi Office in 1974, successor to the popular sculptural Doge table. While alluding to the same features as its predecessor, the Sarpi Office base is upside-down and has a smaller footprint, allowing the table to also be used in smaller office spaces. 
While alluding to the features of its Doge predecessor, this glass and metal conference table reveals a new, upside-down base and a smaller footprint that make it a good fit in different-sized office spaces. 
The table comes with integrated power access and cable slot located at the center of the top, with the option of various electrical configurations.

About Designer
Carlo Scarpa

From architecture to works in glass, from design projects to preparing museum exhibitions, the work of Carlo Scarpa has always stood out in the unmistakable way in which it manages to bring together his love for materials, his attention to detail and his masterly elaboration of organic and Wrightian poetics. Architect, designer and artist, Scarpa left the Venice Academy of Art in 1926 and began professional work, but continued to visit craftsmen’s’ workshops and Venetian master glassworkers. For twenty years, right up until the second half of the Forties, he received numerous commissions to design, convert prepare buildings.