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USM Haller Modular System

The USM Haller modular system lets you design a bookcase that’s just right for you, wherever your preferences lie. The versatility of the system allows you to design tailored pieces for every room of the house including both living and working area. If you have a limited amount of space, you can build a smaller piece with surprising functionality and storage capacity, including a variety of storage features such as extendable shelves, drawers and doors. With USM Haller's modular system, each shelf is built to standardized dimensions that can be easily added to or reconfigured after purchase - so if your collection expands dramatically, you can adapt your shelving to accommodate it. Working areas may call for specialized features such as doors that fold down to provide a working surface for laptops, while living areas may require additional space for radios and other electronic devices.

Made from powder coated steel and chrome plated steel tubes, the USM Haller modular system is built to last for generations and adapt as your needs change. 

About Designer
Fritz Haller & Paul Schärer

Fritz Haller was a Swiss designer and architect. Paul Schärer was the grandson and the successor of the founder of the USM Company. Both are famous to have designed a variety of storage system for the USM Company in 1963. Consisted of chrome-plated steel tubing, amorphous-metal or glass coating and members connected by a simple screwing, this unique modular system has quickly become an iconic piece.