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El Greco Gallery

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What had already been seen as a growing requirement in the office has gained further relevance as a result of the Covid pandemic: work environments must be easily adaptable to changing situations. This means more than just the addition or removal of workstations. Instead it signifies the ability to modify environments and their functions. The simplest solution is an open space that can be structured to suit changing needs.

Vitra's answer was to develop the Comma office system. Comma is an expression of the dynamic spirit of a new generation of entrepreneurs, who wish to challenge the codes and rules of the 20th century and cannot relate to the traditional office layout.

Comma follows the function – and aesthetic – of scaffolding. Consisting of a few individual elements available in a kit of parts, Comma can be easily configured into diverse structures that define the space and the work processes to be conducted. The system's frame elements are assembled using the so-called claw. The same set of parts can be reconfigured time and again thanks to the claw, with countless possibilities. The addition of table tops, electrification modules and other add-ons or accessories is quick and easy. The screens that serve as back panels for shelf units, as partition elements or as privacy shields, are made from upcycled single-use plastic. They are Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ and contribute to acoustic damping.