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Table / Writing desk/ Console table

Honeycomb core structure coated with white plastic laminate, silk-screen printed with black squares at 3 cm spacing.

About Designer

Superstudio was an architecture firm, founded in 1966 in Florence, Italy by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, later joined by G. Piero Frassinelli, Alessandro and Roberto Magris, Alessandro Poli.

Superstudio was a major part of the Radical architecture and design movement of the late 1960s. The founders had gone to school at the University of Florence with Archizoom Associati founder Andrea Branzi and first showed their work in the Superarchitettura show in 1966.This exhibition became the manifesto of the Radical Design movement.

In 1967, Natalini established three categories of future research: “architecture of the monument”, “architecture of the image”, and “technomorphic architecture”.

In 1969, Superstudio presented one of their most famous conceptual architecture works – Continuous Monument: An Architectural Model for Total Urbanization. Their anti-architectural proposals used grid systems as a way to mediate space.Continuous Monument represented a critique of the urban planning at that time.

Superstudio aimed for social change through architecture. In the early 1970s, they created a series of films in order to raise awareness of the harmful impact of construction on natural environment.

In 1970, they created their iconic minimalist furniture collection – Quaderna, which is still in production by Zanotta. Their other famous projects include: "Sofo Sofa" (1968) (still in production), "Sofa Bazaar" (1968), Passiflora Table Lamp (1966), Polaris Excelsior table lamp (1968).