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Carl Hansen & Søn

AJ52 Society Table
The AJ52 Society Table by  Arne Jacobsen  is a distinctive piece featuring a desk, lamp, table shelf and drawers in one seemingly floating piece. It brilliantly showcases Jacobsen's ability to make the complex appear simple.The ..
The balance of a room's layout often depends on furniture pieces that not only fulfill a function but also contribute a warm, low-key tone.The rectangular CH011 coffee table, designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1954, embodies the ideal combination of uti..
Hans J. Wegner's philosophy of never designing furniture with a backside is clearly visible in the construction of his round CH008 Coffee Table. The seemingly simple three-legged design has become one of Wegner's most iconic. And deservingly ..
CH106 & CH108
Stylish and timeless coffee tables that combine stability and balance and prove that Wegner's unique talent was not limited to working in wood. The combination of glass and steel means that the tables fit perfectly in modern homes and offices...
Wegner’s CH110 desk is completely different to Wegner's previous designs; the tabletop is streamlined and rests lightly on stainless steel legs. The desk´s symmetrical drawers features handmade mortise and tenon joints, and stand-out min..
CH111 Chair
In 1970, Hans J. Wegner came up with an exclusive office concept consisting of a desk and accompanying chair plus a slender easy chair. The series represents some of Wegner's very finest steel-framed furniture. One of the striking fea..
CH20 Elbow Chair
An attractive and simple stackable dining chair. The low back and horizontal seat also mean that it makes an excellent desk chair. Hans J. Wegner experimented with new materials such as moulded veneer, and the chair's seat is made from 11 la..
CH23 Chair
The CH23 dining chair is an early example of Hans J. Wegner's unique style and insightful craftsmanship, and contains many well-known Wegner details - for example, the elegantly shaped cruciform caps on the backrest and the special double-woven se..
CH24 Wishbone Chair
With a design that is uniquely its own, the Wishbone Chair holds a special position in the world of modern design.This iconic design was the last part of a Wegner series inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Chinese Ming Dynasty chai..
CH26 Chair
Wegner's CH26 dining chair was designed in 1950 but has never been in production before. The CH26 chair has finally been brought to life in line with Wegner's original sketch. Its curved organic shapes and exceptional craftsmanship make it a true ..
CH29P Sawbuck Chair
The CH29 chair, also known as "The Sawbuck Chair" due to the shape of the chairs legs resembling that of the simple sawbucks or saw horses traditionally used by carpenters and woodcutters, was originally designed for Carl Hansen & Søn by Wegn..
CH33P & CH33T
A modern dining chair that offers great comfort and stability. CH33 is a classic chair that appears contemporary despite clear design references to the simple lines of the 50s and 60s. The chair's upholstery is available in both fabric and le..
CH36 & CH37
Hans J. Wegner's clean-cut CH36 (with arms) & CH37 (without arms) dining chairs is as comfortable to sit in as it is beautiful to behold.Simple, functional, and thoughtfully made, this 1962 Wegner design demonstrates the influence of Shaker fur..
CH410 Peter's Chair
The CH410 Peter’s Chair was designed by Hans J. Wegner during the Second World War. Finding quality gifts in wartime Europe was not easy, so when Wegner needed a suitable christening gift for Peter, the son of his friend and fellow furniture desig..
CH411 Peter's Table
Hans J. Wegner designed the CH411 Peter’s Table in 1944 as a brilliant toy and piece of furniture in one. An all-wood construction, the table has no sharp edges and every single element is crafted from untreated beech, making it completely safe fo..
One of Hans J. Wegner's later designs, this 1990 coffee table shows Wegner at his playful and minimalist best. Elegant and lightweight yet sturdy, the CH415 coffee table is made of solid oak wood and stainless steel, expressing Wegner's experime..
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