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El Greco Gallery

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840 Stadera
Writing-desk composed of two trapezoidal-shaped surfaces - a main and a side top - of two different depths, supported by a single steel base painted matt black. The surfaces come in three different wooden versions: Canaletto walnut, natural or staine..
AJ52 Society Table
The AJ52 Society Table by  Arne Jacobsen  is a distinctive piece featuring a desk, lamp, table shelf and drawers in one seemingly floating piece. It brilliantly showcases Jacobsen's ability to make the complex appear simple.The ..
Wegner’s CH110 desk is completely different to Wegner's previous designs; the tabletop is streamlined and rests lightly on stainless steel legs. The desk´s symmetrical drawers features handmade mortise and tenon joints, and stand-out min..
Eames Desk Unit EDU
The Eames Desk Unit (EDU) was constructed by Charles and Ray Eames in accordance with the principles of industrial production. The panels function as a modesty shield and partially enclose the two storage compartments. The desk is height-adjustable t..
A featherlight structure and the beauty of an uninterrupted leather surface. Handmade delicate carvings and cold markings create delicate graphic decorations on its surface. A special craft process allows the front of the leather to curve without int..
Kaari Desk
Designed by Paris-based brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the Kaari Desk has a light, fluid outline that could have been drawn with a single stroke of the pen. Twin oak pillars are supported by the simple yet elegant steel band that characterise..
L40 Sled Desk
The Sled desk, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, has a versatile personality, which makes it suitable for both the bedroom and the living area of the house, in combination with other furniture from the Cassina collection. The structure is available with a..
Polyester lacquered base and frame available with gloss or matt finish, with 45° angle joining sides to top. Leather covered table top. Loop, historical icon for desks for executive offices...
PK52 & PK52A
Poul Kjærholm - the Danish pioneer of modernism - designed a small furniture series for the Academy of Fine Arts in 1955, where he had just begun working as a lecturer. Kjærholm designed a Professor Desk (PK52) and a Student Desk (PK52A), made of ..
Compas Direction
Jean Prouvé developed several versions of the Compas table around 1950, basing the design on the structural principles for which he is known. Common to all of them are the slender, elegantly splayed legs, which call to mind the hinged arms of a compa..
Tyde Workstations
Standard Tyde tables consist of T-legs with height-adjustable columns, frame elements, table tops in a variety of surface materials, and a fleece cable tray to conceal the technical equipment and dampen the sound of the motorised height-adjustment me..
Writing desk with storage unit 18/8 stainless steel tubular frame. Top and drawer unit finished with scratch resistant embossing in the colours shown on our colour card. The top can be with cowhide pigmentato 90 insert. ..
Map Table
Map Table is a universal table system for situations requiring flexible configurations and optimal utilisation of space. Through their experience with the architectural design and development of training and conference venues, Edward Barber and Ja..
Cavour CM
Writing desk Plate glass top. Natural or wenge-stained oak frame. Natural or wenge-stained oak drawers and compartment with glossy lacquered parts in black. ..
Working table Natural varnished steamtreated beech trestle. Top coated with white plastic laminate, or with tempered plate glass. Adjustable height. ..
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