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El Greco Gallery

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The steel is able to support the challenge of a table made from a single 3mm thin sheet. Modelled as paper, it displays technical and mechanical magic of reduced thickness in the side edges, in the studied cuts and crook leg, surpassing the milestone..
Linear, minimalist, the essence of the table. A thin white line defines the painted steel base. The top reveals its layers along the edges: a distinctive trait of Quadrato that has led to many imitations. So simple it becomes sophisticated, so Nordic..
056 Capitol Complex Table
The inclusion of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016 has aroused great interest in Le Corbusier’s Capitol Complex, an extraordinary architectural work created in Chandigarh in 1951 to celebrate the independence of a nation open to modernity. Among..
142 Cotone Table
The Cotone family has acquired new members to go with the upholstered armchair launched in 2017. These are a slim version of the same, called, not surprisingly, Cotone Slim, as well as a table and chair, the latter having a solid wood seat and back. ..
194 9
Created by Piero Lissoni, these cylindrical and modular tables have been designed for the corporate or hospitality environments. Available in either standard or coffee-table heights, with round tops in various size options, these accessories evince a..
195 Naan
Piero Lissoni’s design for this table is based on how light it looks and how strong and solid it really is. The essential lines of the Naan table are accentuated by the supremely slender rectangular top, which comes in at a mere 10 mm, and is availab..
196 Rotor
Piero Lissoni defines this table-sculpture, “a piece of furniture with an original and striking personality”, enclosed in an asymmetrical combination of various different elements.The legs and the table-top meet, twisting in dramatic fashion, each ro..
320 Berlino Table
Table in natural cherrywood with extending top.The opening mechanism is positioned under the top and is moved by pulling out a small board located in the middle of the longest side of the top.By lifting the top surface it is possible to extract one ..
370 El Dom
Lines striking and extremely elegant for a table that is designed to bring together places, people, and ideas. Having the legs fit directly into the top means that the wider the legs, the slimmer their profile. The stability of the frame is provided ..
390 Lebeau Wood
Lebeau Wood is an evolution of the iconic and innovative Lebeau table. While the original’s dimensions and outline are maintained, solid wood becomes the material of choice for the base. Employing six hours, the intricate construction process ha..
451 La Basilica
Rectangular table, top with 3 staves and base with 6 legs or top with 4 staves and base with 8 legs, in different dimensions; the wood strips forming the top staves and the legs of the table have the same width. Finishes: natural ash wood, natural..
452 La Rotonda
This table designed by architect Mario Bellini in 1976 has a simple sculpted base, a diagonal intersection of three legs with square cross section, which supports a Ø 165 cm table top, bound together by strong joints carved directly from the ..
456 Pantheon
Round wooden table with a central rotating top in crystal Ø 82 cm, coplanar with the wooden top; the base is composed of three interlocking legs in a mortise joint assembly: Finishes: natural ashwood or black stained ashwood, natural walnut or wal..
475 Boboli
The Boboli table is characterised by its geometrically ordered lines, where the structural challenge facing Cassina was to ensure the stability of the slim-line twisted uprights that form the base. These uprights, both load-bearing and decorative, pa..
499 Ordinal
A collection of dining tables, both contemporary and sculptural, where the designer’s expertise in metalwork comes together with Cassina’s crafts skills and excellence in carpentry work. This clean-cut, essential design consists of a slender table-to..
511 Ventaglio
Table in natural or black stained oak. The table top is composed of fourteen staves; the base has three legs.The special configuration of the top and the leg placement allow dynamic and flexible table usage, also by a greater number of persons with..
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