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El Greco Gallery

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Screens & Partitions

The practical and versatile Parker screen serves a modern decorative purpose in today’s home. It can be used as a divider between distinct areas of use or to create more cozy, intimate spaces.Composed of a turned wood frame and elegant yet strong h..
They can be folded as required, redesigning any corner with elegance, delicacy and discretion. We are talking about the Plot modular room dividers. Designed by GamFratesi and produced by Poltrona Frau, the Plot room dividers have a simple design that..
Screen 100
Made of fine pinewood strips that have been vertically aligned, Screen 100 can be rolled up for storage and rolled out to form straight lines or fluid curves. The screen can be used to divide rooms or section off areas, and at 150 cm tall, it will ad..
Screen. Base in black polypropylene or painted white, orange or red. Steel support rod, painted in the shades black, white, orange or red. Wool canvas screen, sizes cm 66 x 150, in the shades: light grey, medium grey, dark grey, red, yellow, powder b..
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