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El Greco Gallery

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Lola Darling
This is Roberto Lazzeroni's modern interpretation of the iconic Poltrona Frau capitonné. He lightens it without sacrifi cing any of its three-dimensionality. Virtuoso leather workmanship replaces the traditional buttons with a thin, delicately convex..
Lullaby Due
A 360° bed that can only remind you of the fabulous 60’s. Original and timeless, Lullaby Due features a wing profile and visible stitching, and can be positioned right in the centre of the room, thanks to the round, swivel base that characterises it...
Mamy Blue Bed
Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, who reconciles its large forms with a soft and rounded design, Mamy Blue is half-bed, half-sculpture, expertly shaped and processed by the Poltrona Frau craftsmen. A bed designed to take centre stage in the room where i..
Massimosistema Bed
Poltrona Frau designs a bed that recalls the ample, generous geometries of the Massimosistema sofa. A play on overlays that feature on the back and cushions. Upholstery is in Pelle Frau® leather enhanced by beautiful quilted stitching.The headboard s..
Designer : De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi, 1983 Bed. Steel frame with bent beech strips. Brushed and nickelplated steel feet that allow different heights of the bed. Removable fabric or leather cover, or non-removable in cowhide. The version in cowh..
Designer : Emaf Progetti, 2006 Four-poster bed with canopy. Demountable wooden frame either veneered with natural or wenge-stained oak. Suspension in bent beech strips, with stiff ness adjusters. Headboard upholstered in polyurethane/heat..
Mr Moonlight
Ludovica + Roberto Palomba designed Mr Moonlight with the same philosophy that inspired Let it be. A relaxed and informal style, a profound sensation of comfort and liberty, and the same lightness of design.The headboard is like a large, soft pillow,..
Designer: Emaf Progetti, 2010 Bed. Demountable steel frame painted in the shade of black or white. Suspension in natural bent beech strips, with stiffness adjusters; they are mounted on roll-up nylon chains. The bed  ΝΥΧ 1707 has headboard cu..
Suzie Wong
Inspiration for the Suzie Wong bed comes from romantic comedy films in the fifties and, even further back, sumptuous alcoves from the 1700s. Roberto Lazzeroni gives us a light, feminine, almost twee version. The reference model is the classic boat be..
Designer: Damian Williamson, 2011 Beds. Polished aluminum alloy feet. Steel frame with suspension in bent beech strips. Headboard upholstered in polyurethane/ heat-bound polyester fibre. Removable fabric or leather cover. TALAMO 1883-1884/1 ..
It is called Times just like the famous font and has the incisiveness and straightforward style of a typographical project. This bed embodies Poltrona Frau’s new vision. An elegant lightness where nothing is superfl uous and everything natural. And w..
Roberto Lazzeroni outlines a light and airy vision of the classic four-poster bed. His design is for a large structured bed, luxurious in terms of its workmanship and natural materials, yet at the same time discrete and sparing.It is a warm and welco..
Designer: Patrizia Cagliani, 1984 Canopy bed with tubular steel frame, powder coated matt white or matt black. Orthopedic painted plywood beech base. Adjustable feet. Two plywood panels covered with polyurethane foam and polyester wadding are inse..
Asseman Open
Designer: Patrizia Cagliani, 2015 Double bed with tubular steel frame, powder coated matt white or matt black. Bed base and headboard panels in plywood, padded with foamed polyurethane and polyester wadding. Technically removable fabric cover. Adj..
Sleeping Car
Designer: Vico Magistretti, 2004Double bed. Headboard: frame in steel and wood with foamed polyurethane padding covered with polyester wadding. Extruded aluminium base can be disassembled and is set on metal feet, with bedframe side rails in wood cov..
Desigher: EOOS, 2014   The lightness of being. The striking thing about the Jaan bed is its charmingly elegant allure. The designers made the upholstered bed float: generous lounging spaces on a delicate framework – seemingly weightless, J..
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