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El Greco Gallery

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Ad Hoc Storage units 

Steel sheet frame painted the shade of white. Storage units can be either open, or with drawers or with a patented sliding door. Open storage units are available painted in the shade of red (Ral 3003), yellow (Ral 1023)or anthracite (Ral 9004) on the inside. All storage units can be placed in a row or stacked in columns the same width.

About Designer
Fattorini, Rizzini & Partners

Fattorini, Rizzini & Partners is a company active internationally in the field of furniture design. Established in Milan, Italy, in 2009, is the result of the collaboration between Bruno Fattorini and Robin Rizzini. The partnership was born with the purpose to provide the furniture industry a specific know-how as the effect of professional paths ranging between entrepreneurial culture and design. Uniqueness and strength of the studio is to offer design projects supported by research and development. The aim is to offer the market products of which creativity is valued in the relationship between design, technology, cost, and development process.