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Elgreco Gallery Greece

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Καρέκλες Επισκεπτών & Συνεδριάσεων

.03 Chair
Η αισθητική hallmark της .03 chair είναι κομψό και λεπτό σχήμα - ένα σχέδιο που μπορεί να θεωρηθεί μία έκφραση της ιδέας “less is more”. Την ίδια στιγμή, η καρέκλα είναι απροσδόκητα άνετη: το κάθισμά της είναι κατασκευασμένη από ανθεκτικό σταθεροποιη..
Dining chair with steel frame on base in plastic material, polyurethane foam and polyester padding. The upholstery is in removable fabric or leather and is fixed to the frame by means of Velcro strips. The leather version is also available wi..
Chancellor Conference
The Chancellor Conference chair has a supporting base in tubular chromed steel or lacquered dark grey, which ends in transparent plastic feet.The chair structure and backrest are in moulded expanded polyurethane with different densities of padding an..
Best seen in the elegant atmospheres of important houses, Donald is a folding chair made from a unique structure that reminds us somewhat of a goose's beak: a pivoted die-cast limited section aluminium arch with a gloss or matt finish, that guides an..
Downtown Conference
The Downtown collection is now even more complete and versatile. Jean-Marie Massaud has designed three new conference armchairs to go with the President, Executive, Managerial, Meeting and Visitor models. There are more upholstery options and all the..
Ego Meeting
The formal purity of a comfortable embrace. A sober, geometrical chair with a strong scenic presence in the workplace. Moulded steel structure. Polyurethane foam padding. Seat suspension with elastic belts. Chair base on four unexposed castors. Front..
Πολυθρόνες. Δρύινα πόδια με τελείωμα από φυσικό ή βέγκε τελείωμα, ή σε καρυδιά Canaletto. Ατσάλινος σκελετός επιχρωματισμένος μαύρος ή επινικελωμένος. Σώμα από αφρό πολυουρεθάνης με ατσάλινο ένθεσμα, σε χρώμα μαύρο ή λευκό. Διατίθεται με επένδυση Eco..
Forum Bridge
The idea of Forum Bridge suggests a revival of classic forms and details typical of Poltrona Frau's craft tradition, like the scrolls on the back and seat. Solid wood and steel structure. Polyurethane foam padding. Seat suspension with elastic belts...
A refined and simple easy chair. Neat, essential, and comfortable. A soft leather shell, comfortable and protective, enhanced by visible topstitching that runs along whole of the outside edge, creating an elegant decorative effect. Designed both as a..
Ginger Ale
Fresh, well-designed, and highly modern with a number of variants, Ginger Ale lends versatility to work spaces, as a seat for individual workstations or meeting rooms, and to public spaces or study and work areas in the home.The outer shell is made o..
In the late 1980s, TG2 news on Italian public television’s second channel commissioned the Vignelli to construct the show's set. This became the famous studio 10: pearl-grey with a zinc floor, 32 monitors and two red armchairs in the foreground. This..
Ανακλινώμενη πολυθρόνα με μηχανισμό περιστροφής. Πεντάστερη βάση από κράμμα γυαλισμένου αλουμινίου και τροχούς ή σταθερά πόδια. Το ύψος ρυθμίζεται. Η ανάκλιση της πλάτης ρυθμίζεται σε πέντε διαφορετικές θέσεις ή κλειδώνει στην όρθια στάση. Η επένδυση..
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