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El Greco Gallery

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320 Berlino Table
Table in natural cherrywood with extending top. The opening mechanism is positioned under the top and is moved by pulling out a small board located in the middle of the longest side of the top. By lifting the top surface it is possible to extract ..
322 D.S.1
Table in ash-wood stained black or stained walnut. Top folding at two sides...
451 La Basilica
Rectangular table, top with 3 staves and base with 6 legs or top with 4 staves and base with 8 legs, in different dimensions; the wood strips forming the top staves and the legs of the table have the same width. Finishes: natural ash wood, natural..
452 La Rotonda
This table designed by architect Mario Bellini in 1976 has a simple sculpted base, a diagonal intersection of three legs with square cross section, which supports a Ø 165 cm table top, bound together by strong joints carved directly from the ..
456 Pantheon
Round wooden table with a central rotating top in crystal Ø 82 cm, coplanar with the wooden top; the base is composed of three interlocking legs in a mortise joint assembly: Finishes: natural ashwood or black stained ashwood, natural walnut or wal..
511 Ventaglio
Table in natural or black stained oak. The table top is composed of fourteen staves; the base has three legs. The special configuration of the top and the leg placement allow dynamic and flexible table usage, also by a greater number of persons wi..
525 Table En Forme Libre
Table with top in solid wood with rounded surface. The staves forming the surface have visible side joints. Three support legs, one larger and oval shaped and two smaller, cylindrical ones. Finishes in open-pored black lacquered oak or mahogany.Desig..
605 Allen
Rectangular table in natural cherrywood, cherrywood stained walnut or American walnut finish. Top available in two sizes...
608 Taliesin 2
Rectangular table in natural cherrywood, cherrywood stained walnut, stained black or American walnut finish. Top available in two sizes...
615 Husser
Rectangular table in natural cherrywood, stained walnut, black or American walnut finish. Fret designed on the edge of the top. Four legged base with slats...
833 Cavalletto
Trestle table with frame and top in American walnut or in natural ashwood or ashwood stained black. The assembly is by means of screws and two dark brass pulleys which ensure the stability of the frame.Cavalletto, a trestle table with a well-designed..
839 TL3
Tables with square or rectangular structures made of four legs and cross-bars assembled with black metal joints available in the finishes: American walnut, natural or black stained ashwood. The table tops are available in the same finishes and in cle..
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