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Elgreco Gallery Greece

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312 Willow 1
Curved lattice back chair, ash-wood frame stained black. Seat cushion upholstered in a special fabric either green or beige...
405 Duc
Armchair and two or three seater sofas, structure made of panels with steel skeletal structure and CFCfree polyurethane foam, zippers sewn into the panel covers. Loose cushions in polyurethane foam with polyester padding. Fabric upholstery with leath..
414 Cab Divano
Armchair and settee with enameled steel frame. Back and seat cushion padded with CFCfree poly urethane foam. Leather upholstery zippered over the frame, in different colors...
415 Cab
Armchair and two-seater sofa with enameled steel frame. Back and arms with CFCfree polyurethane foam and polyester padding. Removable seat cushion in polyurethane with feathers padding. Upholstery in stiff leather, in different colors, for the out..
514 Refolo
This surface consists of nineteen short slats arranged parallel, available in a natural oak or dark dyed finish, for a range of different uses: as a table, as a bench or padded unit by simply adding cushions (armrest, seat and set of seat and back..
637 Utrecht Sofa
Curved sofa, straight twoor threeseater sofas with steel supporting frame. Polyurethane foam and polyester padding. Fabric upholstery with white fine stitching. Leather upholstery is available for the straight sofas. Feet in black plastic material...
685 Divano
Armchair and sofas with steel frame on a wooden base. Black ABS feet. Polyurethane foam and polyester padding. Available in fabric or leather upholstery, completely removable, fixed to the frame by means of Velcro strips...
Alcove Highback Sofa
Ο καναπές Alcove Highback είναι πολλά περισσότερα από την πρόθεση της κατασκευής ενός δωματίου σε ένα δωμάτιο. Αυτή ήταν άλλωστε και η ιδέα των Ronan και Erwan Bouroullec με το σχέδιο του Alcove Highback Sofa. Το άνετό του κάθισμα, η ψηλή και ευέλικτ..
Πολυθρόνα και καναπέδες μονομπλoκΑτσάλινα πόδια, επιχρωμιωμένα ή βουρτσισμένα και επινικελωμένα ή επικαλυµµένα με γραφίτη. Ατσάλινο πλαίσιο. Ανάρτηση από ελαστικούς ιμάντες. Επένδυση από πολυουρεθάνη. Αποσπώμενο κάλυμμα από ύφασμα ή δέρμα με μαξιλαρά..
The Italian-Spanish duo Gracia Cumini drew on inspiration from a typical element in Spain in the fifties for design of the Almo sofa. Almo is short for almohada, a traditional, comfortable Iberian pillow whose long, narrow, low shape makes it perfect..
Wide, soft and embracing surfaces offer a place to curl up, relax or seek refuge. The two-seater sofa and extra-large armchair have been designed with an easy style and comfortable forms. The solid, essential frame, is made from non-deformable, flexi..
A soft, ethereal structure. An elegant and enveloping sofa that promises pure relaxation. Large, generous cushions. Rich padding and a soft leather cover. In fact, it almost appears to hover in the air thanks to its thin T-shaped titanium colour..
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