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El Greco Gallery

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I Tappeti - Chado
The collection is inspired by the places used for the ritual of the tea ceremony in Japan. Grated windows made of wood and paper screens through which a feeble light filters veiling everything in a suspended, evocative atmosphere, are typical of thes..
I Tappeti - Land
Contemporary art and age-old handicraft traditions come together in the Land rugs. The colour of this yarn offers up extraordinarily saturated deep shades of rust red, coal grey, dark blue, and nude. They are the hues of the earth. Indeed, the name L..
I Tappeti - Pecan
The research looked into new ways of creating weaves and this led to the development of a motif that creates a rhythm that alternates double and single yarns. The end result is a soft and thick three-dimensional weave.A gentle extension of the bed or..
Peas is woven in India. The coloured wool felt balls have slight nuances that give the collection a unique and versatile expression...
The Pinocchio Rug is named after a Danish candy - colourful sugar-coated liquorice. The brightly-coloured felt balls are individually rolled, strung on a cord and sewn into a circular rug. Handmade in India and Nepal using traditional craft methods w..
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