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El Greco Gallery

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Sunloungers & Chaise Longues

522 Tokyo Chaise Longue
The seat of this chaise longue is composed of 12 curved wooden strips (teak or bamboo). The joining elements connecting the strips to the bars below are satin brass studs. The base is in solid wood (teak or bamboo).The mattress comes with waterdraini..
Lama 1005
Lounge chair. Painted steel frame for outdoor use in the shade of white or black. Weave in PVC thread with nylon internal reinforcement, in the shade of white or black...
MVS Chaise
The MVS Chaise is perfect for a rejuvenating rest or quick nap. Although the recliner looks like a sculptural object at first glance, its comfort becomes immediately apparent upon use. The resilient material conforms to the body and is exceptionally ..
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